Now What?! Advocacy, Activism & Alliances in American Architecture Since 1968

Exhibition Design

client: Architexx Boston Society of Architects

design partner: Open Rehearsal 

photography: Paige McWhorter

Now What?!, a traveling exhibition curated by Architexx, is the first exhibition to examine the little-known history of architects and designers working to further the causes of the civil rights, women’s, and LGBTQ movements of the past fifty years. The exhibition content, conversations, and stories will inspire a new generation of design professionals to see themselves as agents of change by looking at the past to see new ways forward. 

At NW?!, visitors explore a scholarly archive, examining the roles architecture and design have played in the major social movements of the 20th century. Visitors are invited to engage with and contribute to the archive, making the presentation of history more inclusive. After exploring the histories that led us to today and learning about changemakers in the Boston community, visitors are encouraged to think about the ways they can make a social impact through a participatory pledge wall and active resource center.

This project included Boston University CFA directed student participation in concept design and installation.