Naal Tsoos Saní (The Old Paper)

artist: Dakota Mace

Towne Gallery, Wheelock Family Theater

Spring 2022

Naal Tsoos Saní is a powerful meditation on the relationship between land and community, a documentation of what has been lost and an ongoing effort to share and preserve Indigenous history as a continuum of our traditions and culture. Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist Dakota Mace (Diné) carefully uses photography and oral narratives to provide a platform to offer healing for those who came before us and for future generations.

Boston University, School of Visual Arts, Graphic Design students had the opportunity to work with Dakota Mace to design Naal Tsoos Saní. Taught by: Jessie Rubenstein, TA River Kim Students: Angela (Tianyu) Ao, Rebecca (Yuru) Chen, Anna (Sewon) Lee, Asjha Malcom, Aimee (Yunso) Noh, Kara Chen, Yeji KIm, Tiffany (The) Su, Wanjing Li, Sarah Nam, Ranran Sekimoto, Dennis Tran. Production and Installation support: Sohyoung Park, Emily Mannning-Mingle, Gus Wheeler Exhibition supported by BU Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst grant and School of Visual Arts